History of IDC

In 1998, Michael Sherman formed Irreverence Dance + Theatre (now Innervation Dance Cooperative) to combine his two loves: theater and dance. He was searching for an innovative way to meld these two art forms, and IDC continues to actively pursue this goal. In 2000, Amy Russell joined Irreverence and soon became Assistant Artistic Director and then Managing Director. Russell’s background in theater helped to further the company’s vision of telling stories through movement. In 2001, Irreverence discovered Elisa Carlson, a gifted dancer, actor, and musician who became an Assistant Artistic Director in 2004. With these three artists, plus an increasing number of talented company members, Irreverence took things to a higher level in 2002, becoming incorporated and attaining 501(c)3 status.The company was founded with the intention of one day being a true democracy, giving each member a voice in the creation of work and the management of the organization. In 2007, the right group of artists was in place to make this important move. Soon thereafter, the company’s name was changed to acknowledge the cooperative nature of the organization, and to more accurately reflect the work we produce: innovative works that stimulate audiences.