IDC Student Productions: Encouraging Access to Knowledge Series

IDC’s community and education outreach effort strives to: increase students’ connection with literature by presenting literary classics in a visual and visceral medium; expand young imaginations through exposure to meaningful movement; and create life-long appreciators of dance and the fine arts.

IDC is working to bring performances of our ballets The Bard Unraveled, Everyman, and Gods, Monsters, And Heroes to Chicago area schools. In coordination with elementary and high school curriculum, our goal is to help supplement students’ education in areas of literature, music, science, and math through dance presentations and student interaction and participation.  IDC SPEAKS is dedicated to engaging students in a cross-curricular experience that is in alignment with Illinois State Learning Standards including Common Core.

If you would like more information about IDC’S touring programs or would like to arrange a performance at your school, please contact Elisa Carlson.